Annual Fund Drives are Vital For Community Ambulance Services  

East Pennsboro Ambulance Service, Inc. relies on community support to help maintain a community based ambulance service. Annual Fund Drives are vital to our community ambulance service, raising necessary funds to purchase and maintain equipment needed to provide the services you expect and deserve. We take great pride in serving the community, and greatly appreciate your continued financial support to remain community based.

Less than 2% of our annual operating budget is generated from municipal tax dollars. East Pennsboro Ambulance Service, Inc. uses other funding sources, such as third party billing, donations, annual membership drives and this annual fund drive to support our operations.

How has your support helped in the past?
  In 2015, a fourth ambulance was added to our fleet of emergency vehicles. This addition will help properly rotate and maintain vehicles, which will increase the longevity of our fleet.  
In 2013, battery powered hydraulic stretchers were purchased to replace manual lift stretchers in our emergency division. These stretchers have become industry standard for emergency medical services, reducing the risk of injury to our emergency staff and enhancing patient care.